1-30 | Last Minute Super Bowl Party Ideas

Super Bowl XLIX is less than 48 hours away from kickoff and you were just volunteered to host the watch party. Sounds pretty impossible, right? Lucky for you, your home at Providence Park is a prime location to entertain guests and find all the items you need for a great party right outside your door.

We’ve created a list of the three necessary items for a successful party your guests won’t believe you pulled together in less than two days.

  1. Snacks: Any amazing Super Bowl party has a variety of game day themed dishes for friends to snack on, but that doesn’t mean making them has to take all day. Whether your pulling for the New England Patriots or the Seattle Seahawks, Pinterest is a good place to start for ideas. We’re located less than ten minutes from BI-LO grocery store, so your shopping will be a breeze!
  2. Drinks: Pick up items for these fun Super Bowl cocktails a little further down Two Notch Road at Northeast Liquors. And, as always, Buzzfeed has some great ideas for keeping drinks cool and setting up your own beer tasting station.
  3. Games: Print out or make your own rating games for your friends who are more interested in the commercials than the action on the field. There’s also Bingo with items like, a player with a ponytail and interception, to keep your guests focused.

So there you have it, snacks, drinks and games to keep all your guests entertained during the big game. You can always check out our Apartment Entertaining Pinterest board for more ideas!

Photo Credit: Artizone

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