How to Celebrate the Solar Eclipse in Columbia

Millions of visitors will flood to South Carolina to watch the solar eclipse from all around the nation. The path of totality will pass through Columbia, Greenville and Charleston where there will be one to two minutes of blackout! When the eclipse comes, where will you be?


Here are a few other local spots hosting eclipse events:

  1. Bricktown Bistro & Raw Bar – At 1 p.m., the restaurant will be hosting a free event only 9 miles away from our apartments! There will also be free glasses provided for your safety.
  2. Total Eclipse Workshops at Sesquicentennial State Park: on August 19th, 10 to 11 a.m., the state park will be hosting an event prior to the eclipse to discuss this phenomenon and how to safely view the eclipse. There will be take home crafts and activities free with park admission. Preregister online and reserve your spot!
  3. Columbia, SC: Take a look at this Total Eclipse Columbia site to navigate to other nearby parties and prepare for this once in a lifetime event!


We hope that you enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon and will be ready to celebrate in your lovely eclipse glasses this August 21st!

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