Providence Park’s Guide to October Activities

Providence Park’s Guide to October Activities

After a long, hot Summer, I think it’s safe to say that we’re all excited that Fall is finally here! Although it doesn’t quite feel like Fall just yet, we can say with certainty that cooler temperatures are on the way. As the air becomes cool and crisp and the leaves begin to transition to vibrant shades of red, orange, and yellow, we are surrounded by all the wonderful sights and smells of the Fall season.

At Providence Park, October happens to be one of our favorite months of the year. There’s no shortage of fun to be had this month between all of the festive events and activities taking place out in the community, as well as right here in Providence Park. Throughout the month of October, we’ll be hosting a costume contest for the pets of our residents.  Residents are asked to dress up their pet in a Halloween costume and drop by our Leasing Office between now and the 28th for a chance to win a prize for best costume. The top 3 winners will be chosen on October 28th!

Be sure to check out the South Carolina State Fair October 9-20 for a fun-filled day of animals, rides, arts & crafts, flower shows, food, and agriculture & livestock. Boo at the Zoo will be held from October 18-30 from 6pm-9pm at Riverbanks Zoo & Garden. Dress up the kids in their Halloween costumes and bring them out for 13 wild nights of family fun – trick or treating, marshmallow roast, Frankenstein’s Foam Zone, Mummy’s Eeky Freaky Dance Party, Haunted Carousel, Spooky Spots and Stripes Railroad, Dinosaurs Around the World, and much more! If you enjoy haunted attractions and you’re looking for a good scare, test your fears at Deceased Farm in Lexington. 

Of course, there’s more to Fall than just enjoying the many seasonal activities offered in your area. You should take this time to prepare for the upcoming Winter months and the colder weather that accompanies them. Providence Park has some tips to help prepare your apartment for the colder weather to keep you and your family warm this Fall/Winter without breaking the bank.  Reverse your ceiling fans- this helps because it pulls the cool air up to the ceiling and then disperses the warmer air throughout the room. Use draft stoppers on your doors- these are quick and easy to put in place or remove and help to prevent a draft of cold air from entering into your apartment from under the door. Install insulated curtains- these help to keep the cold air out and the warm air in your apartment. Use a dehumidifier- these are helpful during the colder months because they reduce the discomfort of the dry air as well as increasing the efficiency of your heating system. Before the temperatures get too cold, turn on your heat to test it out and make sure it’s working properly. If you experience any issues, let maintenance know so the issue can be resolved before the cold weather arrives!

Enjoy your Fall season! We’re looking forward to seeing you and your neighbors at our upcoming events this month. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see what other events we’re planning in the months to come!

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